Fang Tang

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 Basic Information


Teacher Name :Fang Tang

Job Title: Associatedprofessor



AddressWeigang 1, Nanjing City, 210095, Jiangsu Province, China.

Research Areas and Descriptors

(1)   Interactions between bacteriophages and their host bacteria.

(2)   Phage therapy.

      (3) Identify virulent factor in pathogenic microorganism through genomics, transcriptomic and proteomics.

      (4) Development of diagnostic approach of microorganism diseases.








Associate Professor

Nanjing Agricultural University


Assistant Professor

Nanjing Agricultural University



(1) The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities:

Comparative genomic analysis of E.coli strains from different origins (KYZ201326).


PI of project

(2) Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province:

The mechanism of prophage SMP enhancing the virulence of Streptococcus suisby using zebrafish model (BK20140686).


PI of project

(3) National Natural Science Foundation of China:

The mechanism of prophage SMP enhancing the virulence of host bacteria Streptococcus suis by using DNA microarray(31402213).


PI of project

(4) National Basic Research Program (973) of China: Epigenetic modification and adaptive evolution of pathogens(2015CB554200)



(5)The National Key Research and Development Program of China :

Developing new techniques to diagnose and detect important diseases of poultry (2016YFD0500804).





First Author or Corresponding Author:

l  Dezhi Li, Fang Tang * , Feng Xue, Jianluan Ren, Yun Liu, Dehong Yang, Jianjun Dai*. Prophage phiv142-3 enhances the colonization and resistance to environmental stresses of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli.Veterinary Microbiology.2018,218:70-77.

l  Yaxin Li 1, Haojin Wang 1, Jianluan Ren, Ling Chen, Xiangkai Zhuge, Lin Hu, Dezhi Li,Fang Tang*, Jianjun Dai. The YfcO fimbriae gene enhances adherence and colonization abilitiesof avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in vivo and in vitro. Microbial Pathogenesis. 2016, 100:56-61.

l  Yaxin Li, Jianjun Dai, Xiangkai Zhuge, Haojin Wang, Lin Hu, Jianluan Ren, Ling Chen, Dezhi Li and Fang Tang*.Iron-regulated gene ireA in avianpathogenic Escherichia coli participates inadhesion and stress-resistance. BMC Veterinary Research.2016, 12:167

l  Fang Tang, Dezhi Li, Haojin Wang, Zhe Ma, Chengping Lu, Jianjun Dai*. Prophage Lysin Ply30 Protects Mice from Streptococcus suis andStreptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus Infections. Applied and Environmental Microbiology.2015,81(21): 7377-7384

l  Fang Tang, Wei Zhang, Chengping Lu*. Lysogenic Streptococcus suis isolate SS2-4 containing prophage SMP showed increased mortality in zebra fish compared to the wild-type isolate. PLoS One. 2013, 8(1): e54227.

l  Fang Tang, Alex Bossers, Frank Harders, Chengping Lu*,Hilde Smith*. Comparative genomic analysis of twelve Streptococcus suis (pro)phages. Genomics.2013,101:336-344.

l  Fang Tang, Alex Bossers, Frank Harders, Chengping Lu*,Hilde Smith*. Complete Genome Sequence of the Streptococcus suis temperate bacteriophage phiNJ2. Genome Announcements. 2013,1(1): e00008-12.

l  Fang Tang, Yanzhe Li, Wei Zhang*, Chengping Lu*.Complete Genome Sequence of T4-LikeEscherichia coli Bacteriophage HX01. Journal of virology. 2012, 86(24):13871.


l  Qinqin Bai, Wei Zhang, Yongchun Yang, Fang Tang, Xuanhoa Nguyen, Guangjin Liu, Chengping Lu*. Characterization and genome sequencing of a novel bacteriophage infectingStreptococcus agalactiae with high similarity to a phage from Streptococcus pyogenes. Arch Virol. 2013, 158:1733–1741.

l  Yanzhe Li, Mianmian Chen, Fang Tang, Huochun Yao, Chengping Lu, and Wei Zhang *. Complete Genome Sequence of the Novel Lytic Avian Pathogenic Coliphage NJ01.Journal of Virology. 2013, 86(24): 13874–13875.

l  Zhipeng Zhai, Longfei Cheng, Fang Tang, Yan Lu, Jing Shao, Guangjin Liu, Yinli Bao,Mianmian Chen, Kexin Shang, Hongjie Fan, Huochun Yao, Chengping Lu, Wei Zhang *. Immunoproteomic identification of 11 novel immunoreactive proteins of Riemerella anatipestifer serotype 2. FEMS Immunol MedMicrobiol. 2012, 651):84-95.

l  Muhammad Yaqoob, Li Ping Wang, Tang Fang, Cheng-Ping Lu*. Occurrence and transmission of class 1 and 2 integrons among phenotypic highly ampicillin-resistant avian Escherichia coli isolatesfrom Pakistan. World J Microbiol Biotechnol. 2011, 279):2041-2050.

l  Wei Zhang, Guangjin Liu,  Fang Tang, Jing Shao, Yan Lu, Yinli Bao, Huochun Yao, Chengping Lu * .Pre-Absorbed Immunoproteomics: A Novel Method for the Detection of Streptococcus suis Surface Proteins. PLoS one.2011, 6(6): e21234.




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The Pet Food Institute Excellence Scholarship



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