The college is now affiliated with the Secretariat of the National Veterinary Professional Degree Education Steering Committee and the tenure institution of vice-chairman. In 1998, the college was granted the degree-awarding powers of doctoral degrees in the first-grade discipliness of veterinary medicine and had the degree-awarding powers of doctoral and master's degrees in basic veterinary medicine, preventive veterinary medicine and clinical veterinary medicine, and with the degree-awarding powers of doctoral and master's professional degree in veterinary medicine. The college has a veterinary post-doctoral research center.

The college has a good historical heritage and long-term plan in the construction of supervisor team. There are 128 faculty members including 45 senior titles and 28 associate senior titles, of which 40 are PhD supervisors and 67 are master supervisors. Among the faculty, there are members of the veterinary medicine evaluation group of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, national young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, provincial young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, trans-century (new century) excellent talents of Ministry of Education and distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province. In addition, there are 10 external PhD supervisors and 31 master supervisors.

Training Program

 (1)Pathogenicity and immune mechanism of animal pathogenic microorganisms

(2)Prevention and control of livestock and poultry infectious disease

(3)Veterinary public health & prevention and control of zoonosis

(4)Animal physiology and biochemistry & breeding of health and welfare

(5)The regulation of animal health and nutritional metabolic diseases of dairy animals

(6)The creation and production of new veterinary drugs and preparations

(7)Disease treatment and health regulation of companion animals