CVM is home to the Secretariat and the vice chairman of the National Veterinary Professional Degree Teaching Guidance Committee. In 1978, the discipline of veterinary medicine was one of the first disciplines in China to be given the authority to issue a master's degree. In 1983, the discipline of animal physiology and biochemistry was authorized with the qualification for conferring doctoral degree. In 1995, the post-doctorate program for veterinary medicine was established, and in 1997, four doctoral programs and 10 postgraduate programs before the discipline adjustment by the government. In 1998, the first-class discipline of PhD programs in veterinary medicine was authorized. In 1999, the granting of professional doctoral degree and master’s degree in veterinary medicine were authorized. The college owns a series of research bases, such as the Key Laboratory of Animal Bacteriology of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Key Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry of the Ministry of Agriculture, the OIE Reference Laboratory of Streptococcus suis, Jiangsu Animal Immunology Laboratory, and several modern animal experiment centers. In 2005, the major of Veterinary Medicine was awarded a brand specialty of Jiangsu Province, in 2007, the discipline of Veterinary Medicine was rated as a National Key Discipline, and in 2010, it was rated as a superior discipline of Jiangsu Province. In 2003, the college started its enrollment of international doctorate students.


Catalogue of Instructional Programs


For doctoral students

For master students

090601 Department of Theoretical Veterinary   Medicine

01 Animal Nutritional Physiology and   Growth Regulation

02 Stress Biology and Animal Welfare

03 Animal Biochemistry and Metabolic Regulation

04 Animal Histology and Developmental Biology

05 Veterinary Molecular and Immunopathology

06 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

01 Animal Physiology

02 Animal Functional Biochemistry

03 Animal Functional Histology and Embryology

04 Animal Pathology

05 Neuroendocrine and Immune

06 New Veterinary Drug Research

090602 Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine

01 Pathogen and its Interaction with Hosts

02 Molecular Virus and Immunology

03 Pathogenesis and Immunity of Animal Infectious Disease

04 Pathogenesis and Immunity of Veterinary Microbial

05 Molecular Immunology of Veterinary Parasite

06 Veterinary Pubic Health

01 Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology

02 Fish Pathogenic Microbiology

03 Diagnosis and Immunization of Animal Infectious Diseases

04 Veterinary Biotechnology and Vaccines

05 Veterinary Parasite Immunity

06 Veterinary Public Health

090603 Department  of Clinical Veterinary Medicine

01 Animal Clinical Nutrition with Immunology and Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases

02 Animal Toxonosis and Animal Product Safety

03 Veterinary Surgery Pathology and Experimental Surgery

04 Animal reproduction and obstetric diseases

05 Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Integrated Chinese and Western Veterinary Medicines

06 Small Animal Diseases


01 Small Animal Surgery

02 Small Animal Internal Medicine and Diagnostic

03 Livestock and Poultry Skeletal Biology

04 Animal Clinical Nutrition with Immunology and Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases

05 Poultry Toxonosis and Animal Product Safety

06 Veterinary Clinical Applied Molecular Biology

07 Mechanism and Regulation of Ruminant Nutritional Diseases

08 Animal Reproduction Regulation and Obstetric Diseases

09 Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Integrated Chinese and Western Veterinary Medicines

10 Veterinary  traditional Chinese pharmacology