In recent years, the faculty members of the college have undertaken, as leaders, 199 government sponsored research projects with a total funding of 136.5528 million RMB, of which 69 projects were funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China with a total funding of 39.93 million RMB, 130 were provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects with a total funding of 136.5528 million RMB. We have also been responsible for 143 non-government sponsored research projects with a total funding of 128.4822 million RMB, including 27 projects of over one million RMB each. At present, in progress are 218 government sponsored research projects with a total funding of 267.5305 million RMB. In the past five years, the researchers/teachers have published 1080 papers with Nanjing Agricultural University as the first completion unit, at an average of 10 papers per researcher/teacher. Of all the papers published, 836 are in international SCI journals and 244 in Chinese core journals. 77 SCI papers have been published in the journals of five or over five IFs. The college has won 15 provincial and ministerial research awards, 63 authorized invention patents, six new veterinary drug registration certificates (two national class-two new veterinary drug certificates, three national class-three new veterinary drug certificates, and one national class-four new veterinary drug certificates).

The college now owns a series of laboratories and one research center, such as the Joint International Research Laboratory of Animal Health & Food Safety of Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of Veterinary Bacteriology of Ministry of Agriculture, the Key Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry of Ministry of Agriculture, the Jiangsu Engineering Laboratory of Animal Immunology, the OIE Reference Laboratory for Streptococcosis suis, and the Modern Experimental Animal Center. In 2007, the discipline of Veterinary Medicine was rated as a national key discipline. Since 2011, the first level veterinary discipline has been the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions. The discipline of Veterinary Medicine is one of the most important contributors to the microbiology discipline of NAU which is recently ranked as ESI top 1% discipline during the 12th Five-Year Plan with a contribution rate of 34%.