• The major of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine is a comprehensive discipline studying the occurrence and development of animal diseases, and diagnosing and preventing diseases, so as to protect animal health. The main task of veterinary medicine is to analyze, diagnose and treat the diseases of agricultural animals, companion animals, laboratory animals and wildlife, and to quarantine and control animal infectious diseases with professional knowledge under the concept of "one earth, one health". Its fundamental goal is to ensure the sustainable development of animal husbandry, to promote animal health and welfare, to improve the quality of animal-derived food, to maintain public health and ecological environment safety, and to protect human health. Veterinary medicine is closely related to animals, human beings and the environment. It plays an irreplaceable role in the development of modern economy and society.

The training objectives of the major of Veterinary Medicine are as follows: To meet the demands of the state and industry, to cultivate talents with good ideological and moral character and professional ethics, to master the basic theories, knowledge and skills of veterinary medicine and other related disciplines, to have strong practical and innovative ability, and to be able to engage in animal disease diagnosis and treatment in animal health and health related institutes and organizations, in veterinary health law enforcement and supervision, veterinary technical services, teaching and research.

• The major of Animal Pharmacy

Animal Pharmacy is a subject that studies veterinary drug development, veterinary drug effect evaluation, veterinary drug residue analysis, veterinary drug production and clinical application. The cultivation of veterinary pharmacy professionals is of great practical significance in improving the technical content of veterinary drug products, upgrading veterinary drug products, creating products with independent intellectual property rights, and promoting the development of veterinary drug industry in China. The large-scale industrialization of animal husbandry in China has promoted the rapid development of animal health food industry. In recent years, the healthy breeding of livestock and the safety of animal-derived foods have been attracting increasing attention of the industry and society. The development of the industry requires more and more talents majoring in animal pharmacy and poses higher requirements for training of qualified personnel in this field.

The objectives of talent cultivation in Animal Pharmacy are: meeting the needs of the country and industry, cultivating talents with good ideological and moral character and professional ethics, mastering the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of Animal Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine, and possessing abilities of new product development, production management, quality inspection and veterinary drug residue analysis, and analytical and clinical abilities.