Jiaguo Liu

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 Basic Information


Teacher Name : Jiaguo Liu

Job Title:  professor





AddressCollege of Veterinary Medicine,

Nanjing Agricultural University,

Nanjing 210095, P R China.

Research Areas and DescriptorsTraditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine





Dr. Liu is one of Ph.D. student tutors and the outstanding young backbone teachers of Nanjing Agricultural University. He has worked over 20 years as a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine researcher of College of Veterinary Medicine in Nanjing Agricultural University. He also is leader of Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Science, and the committee of Commission of Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia. His main research directions are the pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine and combination of Chinese and Western Veterinary Research. He is good at preventing and treating the diseases of oxen, horses, swine, dogs and cats with the combination of Chinese and Western veterinary medicine. Dr. Liu’s academic accomplishments in             China include Achievement Awards from the Ministry of Agriculture, and awarded Elite of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Work by Traditional Chinese Veterinary Association in China . He is also the author of over 20 books and over 100 scientific papers, including over 40 papers were indexed by Science Citation Index. He has obtained over 10 invention patents in China. His textbooks including New compilation for swine disease control technology, Treating swine diseases with Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and technology, Pet emergency manual as well as Precious chapters for pet diagnosis and treatment have been used as common reference books by the counterparts in China . Dr. Liu has trained over 400 veterinarians to practice the TCVM coming from the United States , Germany , Britain , Japan , Turkey , and so on.            

The main papers indexed by Science Citation Index in the last five year

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