Xianwei Wang

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Basic Information

Teacher Name : Xianwei Wang

Job Title:  associate   professor



AddressYifu building 4030

Research Areas and DescriptorsPrevention and control

of swine infectious diseases (Epidemiology, pathogenisis,

immunological mechanisms and vaccines development of virus)



1994.091998.07 Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, studied for the bachelor’s degree
2006.06  Nanjing Agricultural University, studied for PhD

2006.072009.12  Nanjing Agricultural UniversityLecture

2010.01today  Nanjing Agricultural Universityassociate professor

Research projects undertaken

Regulation of Porcine Circovirus 2 infection by the expression of Vimentin in host cells, 2016-2018, National Natural Science Foundation, ¥252000

The role of autophage in immune evasion of PRV, Ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China, 2016-2020, ¥1400000

Candidate Papers:

1Changmeng Xu, Mi Wang, Zhongbao Song, Zhijian Wang, Qianyu Liu, Ping Jiang, Juan BaiYufeng Li, Xianwei Wang∗.Pseudorabies virus induces autophagy to enhance viral replication in mouse neuro-2a cells in vitro,Virus Research 2018 (248): 44–52

2Zhi-Jian Wang, Chang-Meng Xu, Zhong-bao Song, Mi Wang, Qian-Yu Liu, Ping Jiang, Yu-feng Li,Juan Bai, Xian-Wei Wang. Vimentin modulates infectious porcine circovirus type 2 in PK-15 cells,Virus Research 2018 (243) :110–1

3Xuejiao Zhu, Jie Liu, Juan Bai, Panrao Liu, Tingjie Zhang, Ping Jiang,∗Xianwei Wang∗ Baculovirus expression of the N-terminus of porcine heat shock protein Gp96 improves the improves the immunogenicity of recombinant PCV2 capsid proteinJournal of Virological Methods 230 (2016) 3644

4Wenliang Li, Xianwei Wang *, Juan Bai, Tao Ma, Zhijun Li, Yufeng Li, Ping Jiang* Construction and immunogenicity of recombinant porcine circovirus-like particles displaying somatostatinVeterinary Microbiology 163 (2013) 2332

5Tao Hua, Xianwei Wang, Juan Bai, Lili Zhang, Jie Liu, Ping Jiang*Attenuation of porcine circovirus type-2b by replacement with the Rep gene of porcine circovirus type-1Virus Research 173 (2013) 270279

6Wenliang LiXianwei WangTao MaZhixin FengYufeng LiPing Jiang*Genetic analysis of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) strains isolated between 2001 and 2009genotype PCV2b predominate in postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome occurrences in eastern ChinaVirus Genes (2010) 40:244251