Shuo Su

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Name: Shuo Su    Sex: Male      Graduation School: South China Agricultural University

Highest Degree: Doctorate           Office Phone: 025-84395060

Office Address:

Teaching Building 11, Nanjing Agricultural University, No.6 Tongwei Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Email: shuosu@njau.edu.cn

Research Direction:


Veterinary Epidemiology


Veterinary Public Health



Su shuo, from Harbin city, Heilongjiang Province, was born in January 1987. He obtained a doctorate from South China Agricultural University in December 2015 and went to Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University as a government-sponsored visiting scholar during his doctoral study. Now he is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Department of Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University.

Over the years, he has been committed to the comprehensive prevention and control technology research for zoonosis. Taking dog, cat and other companion animal diseases as well as emerging infectious diseases as core, he has achieved a series of innovative results from theory to practice in molecular epidemiology investigation, virus infection, cross-host transmission mechanism and other fields. He has published more than 50 SCI papers, among which more than 20 papers were published in his name as the first author or corresponding author. 14 representative papers were published by him in Lancet, Lancet Infectious Disease, Advanced Science, Trends in Microbiology, Journal of Virology, Emerging Infectious Diseases, etc, and were cited more than 200 times. He successively held the position of academic editor of SCI journals with high impact factor such as infection, Genetics and Evolution; BMC Veterinary Research; BMC Infectious diseases. He was also the editorial board member of top SCI journal like Journal of Virological Methods; Journal Microbial Pathogenesis; Transboundary and Emerging diseases; Equine Veterinary Journal. Now He is the reviewer of more than 20 high-level SCI journals, including Emerging Infectious Diseases, Journal of Virology, Lancet Global Health, Lancet Infectious Disease, and Veterinary Microbiology.


Research Project:

National Natural Science Foundation

National Key Research and Development Program

Self-Innovation Key Project of Central Universities

Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation for Youth

China Association for Science and Technology Support Youth Talent Project

Honors and awards:

Dabeinong Young Scientist Award

Invention patent:



Representative works in recent years:

1. Li G, He W, Zhu H, Bi Y, Wang R, Xing G, Zhang C, Zhou J, Yuen K.-Y, Gao G. F, Su Shuo*(corresponding author) Origin, Genetic Diversity and Evolutionary Dynamics of Novel Porcine Circovirus 3. Advanced Science, 2018,35(5): 2-12. IF5years=12.515

2. Su Shuo, Gu M, Liu D, et al. Epidemiology, Evolution, and Pathogenesis of H7N9 Influenza Viruses in Five Epidemic Waves since 2013 in China[J]. Trends in Microbiology, 2017, 25(9):713. ESI microbiology highly cited paper, IF5years=11.149

3. Su Shuo*(corresponding author), Fu X, Li G, et al. Novel Influenza D virus: Epidemiology, pathology, evolution and biological characteristics[J]. Virulence, 2017, 8(1):00-00. Journal cover highlights paper, IF5years=5.700

4. Li, G., Wang, R., Zhang, C., Wang, S., He, W., & Zhang, Liu J, Cai Y, Zhou J, Su Shuo*(corresponding author) (2018). Genetic and evolutionary analysis of emerging H3N2 canine influenza virus. Emerging Microbes & Infections, 7(1), 73. IF5years=6.225

5. Su Shuo*(corresponding author),  Wong G, Shi W, Liu J, Lai A, Zhou J, Liu W, Bi Y, Gao G.F. Epidemiology, Genetic Recombination, and Pathogenesis of Coronaviruses. Trends in Microbiology. 2016, 16(3):294-295. ESI microbiology highly cited paper, IF5years=11.149

6. Su Shuo, Bi Y, Wong G, Gray G. C, Gao G. F, Li S. Epidemiology, Evolution, and Recent Outbreaks of Avian Influenza Virus in China[J]. Journal of Virology, 2015, 89(17): 8671-8676. ESI microbiology highly cited paper, IF5years=4.130

7. Tan L, Su Shuo*(corresponding author), Smith D. K, He S, Zheng Y, Shao Z, Ma J, Zhu H, Zhang G. A combination of HA and PA mutations enhances virulence in a mouse-adapted H6N6 influenza A virus[J]. Journal of Virology, 2014, 88(24):14116-14125. IF5years=4.130

8. Tan J, Wang R, Ji S, Su Shuo*(corresponding author), Zhou J. One Health strategies for rabies control in rural areas of China[J]. Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2017, 17(4):365-367. IF5years=22.668

9. Su Shuo, Wong G, Qiu X, Gary K, Bi Y, Zhou J. Diagnostic strategies for Ebola virus detection[J]. Lancet Infectious Diseases, 2016, 16(3):294-295. IF5years=22.668

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11. Su Shuo, Tian J, Hong M, Zhou P, Lu G, Zhu H, Zhang G, Lai A, Li S. Global and quantitative proteomic analysis of dogs infected by avian-like H3N2 canine influenza virus[J]. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2015, 6:228. IF5years=4.557

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