Feng Xue

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               Basic Information  


Name: Feng Xue        

Gender: Male

Job Title: Professor  Doctoral Supervisor



AddressYiFu Building 8023


Current Research Areas and DescriptorsThe etiology, bacterial pathogenesis and bacterial-host interaction mechanism, development of new diagnostics and diagnostic techniques and prevention and control of zoonosis, food safety control.





Professional Experience

2017.2-present: College of Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University, Researcher, Doctoral Supervisor.

2007.7-2017.1: Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Veterinary Officer, Senior Veterinary Officer, Researcher, Postdoctoral.

2000.6-2004.8Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou University


2002.9-2007.6: Yangzhou University Veterinary College, Preventive veterinary medicine, successive postgraduate and doctoral programs of study.

1996.9-2000.6Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, Yangzhou University


Research Projects:

1. Study on Identification and Molecular pathogenic mechanism research of the type sccretion system 1 effector protein of Vibrioparahaemolyticus (3187101613), The National Nature Science Foundation of China, hosted, 2019-2022

2. Study on key technology innovation and integrated application of quality and safety inspection of Macrobrachium roseni (CX (18) 2011),Jiangsu Provincial Independent Innovation Fund for agricultural science and technology , hosted, 2018-2020

3. Study on Research on quality evaluation standards of veterinary biological products and testing agents(2017YFF0208600) , National Key R&D Program of China hosted, 2017-2020

4.Nanjing Agricultural University high-level talent introduction project, hosted, 2017-

5.Study on screening and detection of Campylobacter jejuni aptamer probes (31301460), The National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund Project, hosted, 2013-2016

6. Highly stable MyQu-antibody technology for the illegal addition of food and the rapid and rapid detection of residues (201310135), special inspection of the public welfare industry of the Ministry of Science and Technology, hosted, 2013-2015

7. Development of food-borne pathogenic Vibrio specific molecular beacons and establishment of high-throughput rapid detection and traceability system (BE2013733), Jiangsu Science and Technology Support Program, hosted, 2013-2016

8Research on Rapid Recognition Technology of Food-borne Pathogenic Bacteria by Fluorescence Nanoparticles (2009IK129), Research Project of AQSIQ, Hosted, 2009-2011

9. Multi-site sequencing of Campylobacter jejuni from different host sources (2010 IK128), research project of AQSIQ, hosted, 2010-2012

10. Establishment and early warning analysis of animal model of Campylobacter jejuni (2013 IK164), research project of AQSIQ, hosted, 2013-2015

11. Development and application of a variety of illegally added and residue rapid detection kits in food (BE2009692), Jiangsu Science and Technology Support Program, hosted, 2009-2012

12. Application of Nano-quantum dot coding technology in rapid detection of foodborne pathogenic bacteria (2009KJ008), Central Institute of Basic Business Expenses, hosted, 2009-2011

Honors and Awards:

(1) Talent plan:

1. National “Millions of Plan” Youth Top-notch Talent (2014)

2. Jiangsu Province's fifth phase 333 second level talent training object (2016)

3. Jiangsu Province Shuangchuang (innovation and entrepreneurship) Ph.D. program winner (2012)

4. Jiangsu Province's six peak talent training objects (2013)

(2)Technology reward

1. Research and application of various key technologies for illegal addition and residue inspection in food, the first prize of “Science and Technology Inspection” by AQSIQ (2013, 2/10)

2. Research and application of key technologies for the detection and control of important pathogenic microorganisms in food, First Prize of “Science and Technology Inspection” by AQSIQ (2015, 3/10)

3. Research on the detection system of Campylobacter jejuni and the establishment of its strain library, the first prize of the “Science and Technology Inspection” by AQSIQ (2009, 4/10)

4. Research and application of important pathogenic microbial detection and traceability technology in animal-derived food industry chain, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Second Prize (2012, 2/9)

5. Rapid detection technology and application of hazardous components in food and packaging materials, Third Prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award (2015, 3/6)

6. Establishment and application of key detection technology and traceability system for infant formula food, third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (2014, 2/7)

7. Methodological research and application of multi-technology rapid detection of major food-borne pathogens, third prize of “Science and Technology Inspection” by AQSIQ (2/6)

8. Invention patent “A kit for anti-melamine monoclonal antibody and detection of melamine”, the 17th China Patent Excellence Award (2015, 1/10)



1. A kit for detecting pathogenic bacteria and its application, ZL201410254656.6, the first inventor.

2. A monoclonal antibody against melamine and a kit for detecting melamine, ZL201010595881.8, the first inventor.

3. A kit for rapidly detecting swine fever antibody and its preparation method, ZL201010600126.4, the first inventor

4. Preparation method and application of electrochemical sensor for detecting pathogenic bacteria, ZL201410590803.7, the first inventor

(4) Scientific Publications

1Wanli Zheng, Jun Teng, Lin Cheng, Yingwang Ye, Daodong Pan, Jingjing Wu, Feng Xue, Guodong Liu, Wei Chen. (2016) Hetero-enzyme-based two-round signal amplification strategy for trace detection of aflatoxin B1 using an electrochemical aptasensor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 80: 574-581. IF: 7.476 Corresponding Author

2Li Yao, Jun Teng, Mengya Zhu, Lei Zheng, Youhao Zhong, Guodong Liu, Feng Xue.  Wei Chen. (2016) MWCNTs based high sensitive lateral flow strip biosensor for rapid determination of aqueous mercury ions. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 85: 331-336. IF: 7.476 Corresponding Author

3Jingjiao Li, Feng Xue, Zhenquan Yang, Xiaoping Zhang, Dexin Zeng, Guoxiang Cha, Yuan Jiang, Baoguang Li. (2016) Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains of Pandemic Serotypes Identified from Clinical and Environmental Samples from Jiangsu, China. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7: 787. IF: 4.165 Corresponding Author

4Feng Xue, Dexin Zeng, Fei Xu, Rui Zhang, Yang Chen, Yuefei Yang, Xiaobo Wang, Zhenzhong Li, Xiaorong Zhang, Yuan Jiang. (2012) Gene expression profile of campylobacter jejuni-induced GBS in bama miniature pigs. Cell and Tissue Research, 348: 523-536. IF: 3.677

5Feng Xue, Jingjing Wu, Huaqin Chu, Zhanlong Mei, Yongkang Ye, Jian Liu, Rui Zhang, Chifang Peng, Lei Zheng, Wei Chen. (2013)Electrochemical aptasensor for the determination of bisphenol A in drinking water. Microchimica Acta, 180: 109-115. IF: 4.831

6Dexin Zeng, Xiaoping Zhang, Feng Xue, Yanhong Wang, Luyan Jiang, Yuan Jiang. (2016) Phenotypic characters and Molecular Epidemiology of Campylobacter Jejuni in East China. Journal of Food Science, 81: 106-113. IF1.696 Corresponding Author

7Jun Teng, Fang Yuan, Yingwang Ye, Li Yao, Feng Xue, Wei Chen, Baoguang Li. (2016) Aptamers Technologies in Foodborne Pathogen Detection. Frontiers in Microbiology, IF: 4.165 Corresponding Author

8Dexin Zeng, Zi Chen, Yuan Jiang, Feng Xue and Baoguang LiAdvances and Challenges in Viability Detection of Foodborne Pathogens  Frontiers in Microbiology, 22 November 2016 doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.01833 IF: 4.165 Corresponding Author

9. Feng Xue, Fei Xu, Jun Luan, Zhenzhong Li, Yuan Jiang. Analysis of the isolates of Campylobacter jejuni from East China by multi-site sequence classification. Journal of Microbiology, (2010) 50: 298-303.

10. Feng Xue, Fei Xu, Xiaorong Zhang, Jun Qi, Yuan Jiang,Chengping Lu . PCR-RAPD Molecular Sub-typing and Virulence Genes Detection of Campylobacter jejuni Isolated from Eastern China. Chinese Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology, 2010, 18(3):586-591

11. Feng Xue, Dexin Zeng , Fei Xu, Yuefei Yang , Xiaobo Wang, Xiaorong Zhang,Zhenzhong Li , Yuan Jiang . Establishment of animal model of GBS caused by Campylobacter jejuni. Chinese Animal Quarantine, (2015) (2): 19-23.

12. Feng Xue participation, edited by Jiang Yuan Food Guided Microbial Testing Guide, China Standard Press, 2010

13. Associate Editor Feng Xue, Editor-in-Chief Zhenfeng Yue.Foreign Guide to Validation of Food Safety Biology Analysis Methods, China Quality Inspection Press, 2015

14. Feng Xue participation,Editor-in-Chief Xianzhu Xia,Jun Qian , Wensen Liu , Major Consultation Project of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Research on Food Safety and Prevention and Control of Pathogenic Microorganisms, Science and Technology Press, 2016

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