The Key Laboratory of Animal Bacteriology of the Ministry of Agriculture

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The Key Laboratory of Animal Bacteriology of the Ministry of Agriculture was formerly known as the Key Laboratory of Animal Disease Diagnostic and Immunology of the Ministry of Agriculture. The lab was selected into in the National “211” Major Construction Project in 1998 and 2008. In 2013, the

Streptococcus suis laboratory was honored as an OIE international reference laboratory. The lab owns an experiment and office area of 2,000 square meters and currently has 33 full-time researchers, including 18 professors, 10 associate professors and senior experimentalists, and five lecturers and experimentalists. Among the researchers, there are two state excellent and innovative teams of agricultural scientific research, one has been honored as a distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province, one as the second-level academic talent of the “333” Projects of Jiangsu Province, one as the winner of the “National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars”, three as the New Century Excellent Academic Talents of the Ministry of Education, three as the Zhongshan Program Academic rookies of Nanjing Agricultural University. Currently, the lab has enrolled 35 doctoral students and 182 postgraduates.

In the past five years, the lab has been granted a total research fund of 88.7790 million yuan, has published 374 research papers, including 243 SCI papers, had been authorized with 36 national invention patents, has published nine monographs and textbooks, has formulated one local standard for Jiangsu Province. The laboratory has extensive academic exchanges and joint training programs with veterinary institutes of UC DAVIS, IOWA State University, Oregon State University, Freie Universitt Berlin Germany, and University of Aarhus. In general, the lab has reached an international advanced level in terms of research as a whole, has been in the lead in the scale and quality of talents cultivation in the country, and enjoys a recognized academic reputation among domestic and foreign counterparts.


Prof. Jiang Ping;

Deputy director:

Prof. Yao Huochun


Prof. Cao Ruibin

Faculty members:


Jiang Ping, Yao Huochun, Chen Puyan, Lu Chengping, Li Xiangrui, Fan Hongjie, Yang Qian, Zhang Haibin, Liu Yongjie, Dai Jianjun, Xu Jiarong, Zhang Wei, Yan Ruofeng, Qian Yingjuan, Yongsam Jong, Li Ganwu, Zhou Bin, Cao Ruibin

Associate Professor:

Fei Rongmei, Li Yufeng, Wang Xianwei, Song Xiaokai, Wu Zongfu, Ma Zhe, Feng Xiuli, Bai Juan, Tang Fang

Lecturers and other assistants:  

Xu Lixin, Pan Zihao, Liu Guangjin, Ren Jianluan, Yu Yong, Chen Wen