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Nanjing Agricultural University Has Hosted the International Academic Conference for Postgraduate Students

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From October 24th to 25th, the 2017 International Academic Conference for Postgraduate Students was held in Nanjing Agricultural University. On the morning of the 24th, more than 200 postgraduate students of 15 universities from nine countries attended the opening ceremony.

Vice secretary of NAU CCPC, Prof. Liu Yingjun, Vice president of NAU and dean of the Graduate School, Prof. Dong Weichun, Dean of the Institute of International Education, Prof. Liu Zhimin, Deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange department of NAU, Prof. Chen Jie, Vice minister of the postgraduate office Prof. Yao Zhiyou, Vice secretary of the CCPC of College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Xiong Fuqiang, Vice dean of CVM Prof. Miao Jinfeng, Vice secretary of the CCPC of College of Animal Science Mr. Liu Zhibin, Vice dean of College of Animal Science, Prof. Mao Shengyong attended the opening ceremony. Dr. Sa Rula, Vice Chairman of the Graduate School presided over the opening ceremony.

Professor Dong Weichun gave a welcome speech on behalf of the university. He said that NAU attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation which helped to broaden postgraduate students’ international horizon, and that the International Conference for Postgraduate Students was an international grand meeting for postgraduate students to learn of science and technology at international level, to promote academic exchanges and relationship among graduate students from high-level agricultural universities in other countries in the world. He hoped that the graduate students would take the opportunity to learn about and from each other, to establish friendship, to share academic ideas, and to cooperate in contributing to the development of human agriculture at this platform.

Professor Chen Xinbin of the University of California at Davis delivered a speech. He first introduced the three basic qualities that graduate students should have in the process of learning: knowledge accumulation, technology accumulation, information exchange and cooperation. He also emphasized that this international academic conference for graduate students was a research on new technologies and had epochal significance. He highly praised the internationalization of postgraduate education of Nanjing Agricultural University and wished the meeting a complete success.

The representative of international students Perot Saelao and the representative of NAU Ma Ke were invited to deliver speeches at the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, the distinguished guests and the attendants had a group photo taken as a memento.

The conference was held from October 24th to October 25th. The theme was “Healthy Breeding and Public Health”, which included two major topics: “Public Health” and “Healthy Breeding”. Four keynote speeches for each topic were given at the conference. 41 graduate students were invited to deliver speeches at parallel sessions. These students were invited from University of California at Davis, TiHo Hannover, Freie Universitt Berlin Germany, University of Nottingham, University of Manitoba, University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Suez Canal University in Egypt, Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, Northwest A&F University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Yangzhou University, Sichuan Agricultural University, and Nanjing Agricultural University. During the two-day conference, the representatives share their ideas in research and discussed topics they are concerned with. Comment sections were also arranged at the conference, and international experts and scholars comprehensively evaluated the quality of the papers and students’ performance, and recommended the outstanding performers.