The Jiangsu Engineering Laboratory of Animal Immunology

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The Jiangsu Engineering Laboratory of Animal Immunology was approved of by the Jiangsu Development and Reforming Commission in December 2015. The laboratory focuses its on techniques in immunology and products for prevention and control of major epidemic animal diseases in livestock and poultry with platforms for pathogen analysis, pathogen identification, immune stimulant development and diagnostic reagents.

The discipline of Animal Immunology the laboratory works on is now the national key discipline of preventive veterinary medicine. It has 44 scientific researchers at present. Among them, there is one specialist selected into the “Ten Thousand People’s Plan” of the Central Government, and one as the Yangtze River Scholar; one is supported by the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, and two by the National Excellent Youth Fund; four have been selected into the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Higher Education, one has been honored as specially employed professor of Jiangsu Province and one as expert in the Jiangsu “333 Talents Project”. There are nearly 200 research groups of doctoral and graduate students.

The laboratory owns an lab area of 5500 square meters equipped with an ultra-high resolution imaging system, a TIRF single molecule imaging system, an HPLC purification system, an RT-PCR, complete sets of two-dimensional electrophoresis, a multi-band UV spectrophotometer, a flow cytometry, a freezing high-speed centrifuge, a freeze dryer, a complete set of Bio-Rad electrophoresis, a semi-dry transfer printer and an automatic biochemical analyzer, and so on, along with a clean cell culture room, a negative pressure laboratory, a laboratory animal room and other special facilities.


Dr. Zhou Jiyong;

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Dr. Su Shuo,

Dr. Hu Boli;

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